Top 10 Cafes In Nashik in 2024 (Local’s Review)

Did you know that over 100 cafes in Nashik are listed on food apps?

Nashik’s café culture is a vibrant tapestry catering to diverse preferences and needs.

These cafés are selected for their unique themes and quality food. I have included features such as must-try menu items, wheelchair accessibility, pet-friendly environments, designated smoking areas, and Wi-Fi access. 

The following list of ten carefully curated cafés encompasses various areas across Nashik, ensuring everyone finds a perfect spot.

Whether you’re a remote worker seeking a conducive workspace, friends and families looking to catch up, or someone who enjoys spending solitary moments in a cozy corner, this guide promises a delightful café experience for every visitor. 

Quick List of: Top Cafes in nashik (Ranked & reviewed)

Here is a quick list of all the 10 cafes that are must-visits in Nashik.

Cafe in Nasik~Price Range/ PersonGoogle RatingLocation
Cafe Lil’ Bit More₹150 – ₹3004.9Link
Café Bliss₹200-₹3004.1Link
Le Cafetino₹200 – ₹4003.4Link
Pilgrim₹400 – ₹6004.7Link
FRIENDS Bistro₹150 – ₹2504.2Link
Flutter By₹300 – ₹5004.1Link
Cafe Lolo₹200 – ₹4003.9Link
Cafe Calido₹300 – ₹5004.1Link
Cafe Coffee Day₹350 – ₹5504.1Link
Cafe Suburb ₹200 – ₹4004.1Link

Cafe in Nashik

Let us check out the details of each of these cafes.

1. Li’l Bit More! – café and studio

Cafe NameLi’l Bit More! – café and studio (LGBTQ Ally)
Timings9 am to 10 pm
Must TryChef’s special seasonal menu, Kashmiri Kahwa, Korean Ramyun, Brazilian Lemonade
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkSagar Village
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Cafe Lil’ Bit More is a haven for artists. This hidden gem in Nashik regularly hosts art events and workshops. You can keep up with all the shenanigans at Cafe Lil’ Bit More by following them on Instagram. The cafe also has indoor games and a designated smoking area.

Cafe Lil’ Bit More was built by the owner from scratch, and every corner of the cafe is a beautiful sight to behold. The chef curates the menu according to the fresh produce available in their garden and the local market, so do ask for the chef’s recommendation when you visit.

2. Café Bliss

Cafe NameCafé Bliss
Timings11 am – 11 pm 
Must TryHot chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Seasonal Menu
Cost for 2₹650
Nearby LandmarkRushiraj Tower, Jehan Circle
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Cafe Bliss is a popular spot in Nashik that is known for its relaxed atmosphere. Founded in 2010, it is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This place is perfect for meeting with friends and family or going out on a coffee date.

The cafe offers a variety of dishes, including coffee, sandwiches, pasta, and desserts. It is conveniently located on Gangapur Road, making it a popular choice among youngsters. They also have a seasonal menu so  make sure you ask for the seasonal specials on your visit here.

3. Le Cafetino

Cafe NameLe Cafetino
Timings24×7 Cafe
Must TryVietnamese Iced Coffee, Sundaes, Baked Cheesecake and Salads
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkSSK Solitaire, Chandak Circle
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Le Cafetino is a popular 24-hour cafe in the heart of Nashik, known for its cozy ambiance and delicious coffee. This place is great for casual meetings or for folks looking for a calm space to do their remote work.

The cafe is situated within The SSK Solitaire Hotel & Banquets and offers a variety of dishes, including coffee, sandwiches, pasta, and desserts. Smoking is allowed at the designated smoking zone outside the cafe.

4. Pilgrim-  – Speciality Coffee House

Cafe NamePilgrim-  – Speciality Coffee House
Timings12 pm to 9 pm
Tuesday Closed
Must TryCold Brew, Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Chocolate Croissant and Tiramisu
Cost for 2₹800
Nearby LandmarkWagh Guruji school
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Pilgrim-Speciality Coffee House is the newest member of the cafe culture in Nashik. The baristas at this cafe are welcoming and warm. I recommend this place for all coffee lovers because Pilgrim takes their coffee roast very seriously, sourcing it from various parts of India.

The cafe is pet-friendly. The indoor setting is cozy, whereas the outdoor seating is dimly lit in the evenings, making it an ideal coffee date spot. You can also buy cool merch by Pilgrim that showcases one’s love for coffee,

5. FRIENDS Bistro

Cafe NameFRIENDS Bistro
Timings11:15 am – 10:45 pm
Must TryExotic Pasta, Waffle, Pizzas, Fries
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkVijan Hospital Road, College Rd
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

The Friends Bistro in Nashik seems to be inspired by the famous TV show. It is a vegetarian cafe proud of its pasta and the innovative coffees they try making. They often celebrate various days at the Friends Cafe. On such days, one might find special offers as well.

This place is ideal for students as it is very close to famous colleges in Nashik. I recommend this cafe for its cozy ambiance and comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot for couples to spend quality time.

6. Flutter By Cafe

Cafe NameFlutter By Cafe
Must TryAffogato, chocolate-chip cookie, omelet sandwich, oreo shake, Tomato soup
Cost for 2₹800
Nearby LandmarkMIDC
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Set in the by-lanes of MIDC off Trimbak Road, Flutter By is a popular spot for youngsters to enjoy a warm cuppa joe. The cafe is a smoking cafe with a cowl roof open from all four sides.

I enjoy sitting at this cafe with a book in the monsoon season. If you like that idea, I recommend you visit Flutterby. This cafe is also great for informal work meetings or working from home.

7. The Lolo Cafe

Cafe NameThe Lolo Cafe
Timings11 am to 10 pm
Must TryCold coffee, veg patties, pizza
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkFresh Up Bakery off College Road
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

The Lolo Cafe in Nashik is unique, with a whimsical, doodle-like ambiance. Situated next to the Fresh Up Bakery, the cafe’s walls are adorned with playful, hand-drawn designs. The menu offers nostalgic comfort food, perfect for celebrating a special occasion, especially if you’re a student.

The polite and kind staff add to the welcoming vibe, making it an ideal place to gather with friends. And if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, the bento cakes available at the adjacent bakery will surely delight you.

8. Cafe Calido

Cafe NameCafe Calido
Timings11 am to 11:30 pm
Must TryCoffee, lemonade, and cheesy fries
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkIndira Nagar Jogging Track
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Cafe Calido, located in Enrise by Sayaji Nashik, offers a formal ambiance suitable for meetings. The cafe serves basic coffee and snacks, including chocolate chip cookies and cakes. 

Cafe Calido is known for its polite staff, but the service can be slow. They also have an outdoor seating area where one can find the smoking zone. And since this cafe is part of Sayaji, there is ample parking space.

9. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe NameCafe Coffee Day
Timings8 am to 11:45 pm
Must TrySmoked chicken sandwich, iced americano, sundaes 
Cost for 2₹700
Nearby LandmarkNext to Sai Sports, Mahatma Nagar
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Cafe Coffee Day, or CCD, is one of the oldest cafes on Mahatma Nagar Road. This is a spot for youngsters to meet in the evenings. But during the day, the cafe provides a calm space for remote working folks.

There is indoor and outdoor seating, making it a perfect place to chill in any season. The outdoor seating is a smoking zone. Since this cafe is a franchise, the food and coffee are pretty standard, and the hygiene is well-maintained.

10. Cafe Suburb

Cafe NameCafe Suburb
Timings10:30 am – 10:30 pm
Must TryMushroom chilly, cold coffee, fried rice, honey chili potato, Mexican fries
Cost for 2₹500
Nearby LandmarkBapu Bridge
Wheel Chair Access
Pet Friendly

Cafe Suburb is a popular spot in Nashik, known for its indoor seating and lively outdoor space. The friendly and humble owner ensures a warm welcome. 

Affordable prices makes the cafe a favorite among students. 

Ample parking space is a plus. The cafe is always bustling with young people, creating a lively atmosphere. Smoking is allowed in the outdoor space. Its proximity to turf and boat club activities makes it an ideal spot for a relaxed afternoon or evening out.

Conclusion- Cafe in Nashik offers a chill vibe to meet friends and family in the evenings!

Nashik’s café scene offers a delightful blend of ambiance, culinary creativity, and unique experiences. My top recommendations are to visit Café Bliss for its relaxed atmosphere and seasonal menu and Pilgrim for its specialty coffee and cozy setting. 

The most expensive option is Pilgrim, which costs around ₹800 for two, while the most affordable is Li’l Bit More!, which offers an artist-friendly vibe and diverse seasonal offerings for just ₹500 for two. 

For the most unique menu, Li’l Bit More Stands out with its seasonal chef’s specials and eclectic dishes like Kashmiri Kahwa and Korean Ramyun. 

Ready to explore? What Cafe will you be visiting today?


What are the best cafés in Nashik for remote working?

Some of the best cafés in Nashik for remote working include Café Bliss, Le Cafetino, and Cafe Suburb. These cafés offer reliable Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a conducive work environment.

Which cafés in Nashik have wheelchair accessibility?

Cafés in Nashik with wheelchair accessibility include Café Bliss, Li’l Bit More! – café and studio, Pilgrim – Specialty Coffee House, and Cafe Suburb.

Are there any pet-friendly cafés in Nashik?

Pet-friendly cafés in Nashik include Li’l Bit More! – café and studio, Pilgrim – Specialty Coffee House, Flutter By Cafe, Cafe Lolo, and Cafe Suburb.

What are the must-try dishes at Nashik cafés?

Must-try dishes vary by café, including Chef’s special seasonal menu at Li’l Bit More!, hot chocolate at Café Bliss, Vietnamese iced coffee at Le Cafetino, and the cold brew at Pilgrim-Specialty Coffee House.

Which is the most affordable café in Nashik?

The most affordable café in Nashik is Li’l Bit More! – café and studio, with an average cost of ₹500 for two people.

Which is the most expensive café in Nashik?

The most expensive café in Nashik is Pilgrim – Specialty Coffee House, with an average cost of ₹800 for two people.

Are there any cafés in Nashik with designated smoking areas?

Cafés in Nashik with designated smoking areas include Li’l Bit More! – café and studio, Flutter By Cafe, and Cafe Coffee Day.

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