Top 10 Thali Restaurants in Nashik [Taste Delight]

This guide is for you if you enjoy wholesome, traditional meals. I’ve curated a list of the best places to enjoy delectable Thalis in Nashik. 

From the spicy flavors of local cuisine to the comforting taste of homestyle meals, these restaurants offer various Thali options that satisfy your veg and non-veg cravings. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these restaurants promise an authentic and satisfying experience. 

This blog unveils the top restaurants and hidden gems serving the best thalis in Nashik, from traditional Maharashtrian fare to unique regional specialties. 

Prepare for a delicious adventure – your appetite won’t be disappointed!

List of Top 10 Thali Restaurants In Nashik

Here is a quick look at well-known Thali places in Nashik- 

Sr. No.Name of the RestaurantAverage Cost For 2Vegetarian or Non-VegitarianLandmark
1Pancharatna₹2,500BothPathardi Phata
2The Eateria By Metkar’s₹500Non-VegetarianNear Balaji Temple
3Thakur Ji ₹500VegetarianCollege Road
4Nashik Lunch Home₹1,100Non-VegetarianPipeline Road
5Modern Cafe₹250 VegetarianCollege Road
6Sugras Foods₹350Non-VegetarianSatpur
7Bhatukali₹300VegetarianD’souza Colony
8Sonali Mutton Bhakari₹600Non-VegetarianAshwin Nagar
9Divtya Budhlya Wada₹600Non-VegetarianAnand Wali Goan
10Bhagat Tarachand₹700VegetarianBombay Nakka

Here are all the essential details about these restaurants. Please note that the times and costs may be subject to change, and it’s always best to check with the hotel for the latest information.

Note- All ratings are taken from Zomato or Google

1. Pancharatna, The Gateway Hotel (Local Flavours)

Timings12:30 PM – 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Cost per ThaliVeg- ₹780 and  Non-Veg- ₹900
RecommendationMaharashtrian Non-veg Thali 
SpecialtyCleanliness and Hygiene Maintained
Unlimited Options₹999
Ratings4.1 on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Pancharatna, located in the Gateway Hotel premises at Pathardi Phata, is easy to access as it is on the highway. 

Pancharatna, The Gateway Hotel
Source: Poornima Via Google

This place is locally known as the Taj Hotel, as it used to be the Taj, Nashik, for 25 years before the Tata Group of Companies changed the name to Gateway.

The chefs here are trained primarily in cooking authentic Maharashtrian food from every corner of the state and make the best Sanga, Jowar bhakri, Khandeshi mutton, Green gravy chicken, Pithle, Kiarichi amti, and Amarakhand. 

Note- This should be your go-to if cleanliness is a top priority when having a thali.

2. The Eateria by Metkar’s (Maharashtrian Fusion)

Eateria by Metkar’sDetails
Timings11 AM – 9:30 PM Closed on Monday & Wednesday
Cost per ThaliThali = ₹270 and Chicken Missal= ₹150
RecommendationSpecial Chicken Thali & Cheesy Hot Chicken
SpecialtyChicken Misal Thali
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4.3 rating on Zomato
Google LocationHere

The Eateria by Metkar’s is a charming cafe owned by a dynamic mother-son duo. The place’s vibe is the star, with its cute decor and small elements that create a cozy atmosphere.

The Eateria by Metkar's
Source: The Eateria by Metkar’s (Garden Restaurant)

While their usual thali is a delight, the standout dish is the first-ever Chicken Misal Thali in Nashik, a unique offering you won’t find anywhere else. 

Apart from the thali, the Chicken Handi and Cheesy Hot Chicken are must-try dishes. With its delicious food and inviting ambiance, The Eateria by Metkar’s is a hidden gem for thali lovers in Nashik.

3. Thakur Ji (Gujrati Cusine)

Thakur JiDetails
Timings11 AM – 4 PM and 6:30 – 11 PM
Cost per Thali₹500
RecommendationGujarati Thali
SpecialtyAmmras, Fafda and Thepla
Unlimited OptionsUnlimited
Ratings4.1 rating on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Thakur ji Nashik is a popular spot for Gujarati cuisine. It is known for its good quality food and unique thali offerings. 

Thakur Ji (Gujrati Cusine)
Source: Thakur Ji

The highlight of the thali is the Ammaras. The phulkas are soft and fresh, and the thali includes different types of puris. Additionally, the theplas are a great option, served with various pickles. 

However, be prepared for a wait, as the place is always full. For big groups, it’s best to make a reservation in advance.

4. Nashik Lunch Home (Malvani and Kolhapuri Cusine)

Nashik Lunch HomeDetails
Timings11:30 AM to 11:15 PM
Cost per ThaliStarts ₹420
RecommendationSeafood Thali
SpecialtyPrawns Thali and Mutton Kolhapuri Thali
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings3.6 Ratings on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Nashik Lunch Home is a hidden gem for Kolhapuri and Malvani food lovers in Nashik. The thali, although limited, is a delight, with the option to add a small extra cost to share. 

Nashik Lunch Home
Source: Nashik Lunch Home Via Instagram

The locally sourced Indrayani rice is the perfect complement to the flavorful dishes. Unlimited pandhra and tamada raasa are a bonus, and the neer dosa, chicken wade thali, and tandalachi bhakri are authentic Konkani specialties that are hard to find in Nashik. 

Don’t miss the solkadi, a refreshing drink that’s perfect for cooling down after a spicy meal. 

With its authentic flavors and generous portions, Nashik Lunch Home is a must-visit for Konkani cuisine enthusiasts.

5. The Renaissance of Modern Cafe (Brahman Bhojan)

Modern CafeDetails
Timings9 AM – 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 10 PM
Cost per Thali₹130
RecommendationMini Thali
SpecialtyZunka Bhakar, Thalipeeth, Ukadiche Modak
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4.4 on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Step into The Renaissance of Modern Cafe and experience the authentic taste of Brahman household flavors. This old establishment has maintained its high food quality over the years.

The Renaissance of Modern Cafe
Source: Modern Cafe

The thali is a delight. It features 2 chappatis, 2 types of sabjis, and the option to choose between Kadhi-Massale Bhatt or Daal-Rice. The secret ingredient that wins Maharashtrians’ hearts is the homemade Tup (Ghee) served here.

If you’re ordering additional food from the à la carte menu, don’t miss the Thalipeeth with Loni (homemade butter). The cafe also serves Ukdiche Modak on Chathurtis and seasonally offers Kairiche Panhe.

6. Sugras Foods (Malvani Cusine)

Sugras FoodsDetails
Timings9 AM to 9:15 PM
Cost per ThaliStarting ₹300
RecommendationChicken Special Thali & Prawns Thali
SpecialtyFish,Prawns or Mutton Fry
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4.1 Ratings on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Sugras Food in Nashik offers a variety of thalis, including 6 non-vegetarian options. The chicken and prawns thali is a popular choice. All thalis come with 3 chappatis, rice, extra gravy, and refreshing Solkadi on the side. 

Sugras Foods
Source: Sugras via Zomato

The starters are a highlight, with authentic bombil fry that reminds me of Konkan. The small vegetarian menu is also a treat, with excellent taste. 

The unique item on the menu is the Mutton Dal Khichdi, a must-try for those looking for something new. With its delicious food and cozy atmosphere, Sugras Food is a non-pretentious spot for a thali experience.

7. Bhatukali (Maharashtrian Homemade Food)

Timings9 AM – 3:30 PM & 7 PM – 11 PM
Cost per ThaliStarting ₹100
RecommendationThali, Paratha and Thalipeth, Puranpoli
SpecialtyPatode, Bharit, Mutter Paneer, Ukadiche Modak
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4 Rating on Zomato
Google LocationHere

Bhatukali is a family-run establishment that serves delicious Maharashtrian thali, although you’ll have to get it as a takeaway. 

Don’t let that deter you. The food is fresh and will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking if you’re a Maharashtrian.

Source: Sarthak Via Google 

They also serve delicious Thalipeeth, Aloo Paratha, and Ukdiche Modak. The Puranpoli is authentic and loaded with Tup (ghee). 

The menu changes daily, so it’s best to call in advance to check what’s fresh. Bhatukali emphasizes hygiene, making it an excellent option for everyone, especially when you’re not feeling well, as the food is not too spicy.

8. Sonali Mutton Bhakri (Local Khandeshi Flavours)

Sonali Mutton BhakriDetails
Timings11 AM – 12 AM
Cost per ThaliStarting ₹300
RecommendationSpecial Mutton Thali, Dry Mutton Masala, Special Zatka Rice
SpecialtySpecial Mutton Thali
Unlimited OptionsUnlimited Rassa
Ratings3.6 Rating on Google
Google LocationHere

Sonali Mutton Bhakri Kendra is a popular spot for spicy thalis, and it is open until midnight. If you’re not used to the heat, ask for mildly spiced food. 

Sonali Mutton Bhakri
Source: Santosh Via Google

The simple menu features only four thalis: Chicken and Chicken Special Thali and Mutton and Mutton Special Thali. 

The thali is limited, but the unlimited rassa (gravy) makes up for it. At Sonali Mutton Bhakri, you can experience local flavors known as Kalla masala. 

Note—Remember to bring your own containers if you want to take your meal away, as they don’t provide them.

9. Divtya Budhlya Wada (Maharashtrian Thali)

Divtya BudhlyaDetails
Timings11 AM- 3:30 PM & 7 pm – 11 PM
Cost per ThaliStarting ₹210
RecommendationChicken & Mutton Special or Gavran Thali
SpecialtyGavran Thali, Aalni Soup & Aalni Bhat
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4.2 Ratings on Zomato
Google LocationHere 

Divtya Budhlya is a local favorite that offers an authentic thali experience. The Gavran Chicken option is a standout, as this is the only palace that offers non-broiler chicken options in its thali.

Divtya Budhlya Wada
Source: Zomato

The mutton cuts are juicy and tender, and they use only goat meat. The masalas are hand-picked and made in-house, adding to the dish’s authenticity. 

The rustic vibe of the old wada in Nashik creates a cozy atmosphere, making it a must-visit for those seeking a genuine Maharashtrian thali experience.

10. C Bhagat Tarachand (North Indian and Kutchi Thali)

Bhagat TarachandDetails
Timings11 AM – 3:30 PM & 7 PM – 10:30 PM
Cost per ThaliStarting ₹310
RecommendationBBT Special Thali 
SpecialtyKutchi Beer (Chaas in a bottle), BBT Papad Churi, Dal Fry, Butter Phulka
Unlimited OptionsLimited Thali
Ratings4 Rating on Google
Google LocationHere 

Bhagat Tarachand, a well-known vegetarian restaurant chain, has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s in Sindh, Pakistan.

C Bhagat Tarachand
Source: Mazza Nashik

Now, it has a presence in Nashik, serving delicious food in a centrally located spot. Apart from the Thalis, the extensive menu features popular North Indian dishes like dal fry, paneer dishes, rotis, and various chaats. 

The restaurant prioritizes hygiene, ensuring a clean and comfortable dining experience.

A refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, Kutchi Beer (Buttermilk)), combines various flavors to create a unique and thirst-quenching drink that pairs perfectly with the flavorful dishes.

2 Hidden Gems of Nashik’s that serve Thalis

Here is a list of additional places in Nashik that have no presence on the internet but are a must try–

1. Chetna Dining Hall In Nashik (Vegetarian)

Chetna Dining Hall, an Indian restaurant near the Old Bus Stand and Nashik District Court, offers a unique thali experience.

With no internet presence, finding this hidden gem requires asking for directions to reach the location of the building given below. 

However, the effort is worth it, as Chetna Dining Hall serves only one type of thali, but it’s wholesome and easy on the stomach. 

The restaurant is praised for its homemade-style cuisine, which uses no artificial flavors or excessive masala. 

The quick service and focus on quality ingredients make Chetna Dining Hall a favorite among locals and visitors.

Note – Location for finding the Building address here.

2. Tulja Mutton Bhaakri (Non-Vegetarian)

Tulja Mutton Bhakri is a small, nonchalant place run by a woman who cooks homemade non-vegetarian thalis from 7 pm to 10 pm. 

Located in the garage area of a building where Laxmi Hardware store is located, it’s easily accessible from Vasant Market, Yashwant Colony, and Canada Corner in Nashik.

Note- During Hindu religious festivals, this place is not open.

Conclusion- Nashik is a Thali Lover’s Paradise!

Nashik offers a diverse range of thali options to satisfy every craving. 

Use this article as a comprehensive guide to enjoying thalis in Nashik, featuring top restaurants and hidden gems. The list of 10 eateries detailing average costs for two vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and landmarks are made for you for easy access. 

Nashik’s Thali offerings range from Maharashtrian to Gujarati and Malvani cuisines, and the cost varies from ₹250 to ₹2,500 for two people. 

I have also mentioned each restaurant’s specialties and ratings to help you decide where and what to eat.

With such a wide variety, Nashik is a thali lover’s paradise.

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