Top 5 Water Parks in Nashik (Beat the Heat)

Are there any water parks in Nashik? How much does it cost to visit one, and what is included in the price?

In this article, I will provide a list of multiple options for various budgets to help you answer the above questions. 

Whether you’re seeking thrilling slides, wave pools, or simply a relaxing day by the water, these parks have something for everyone. So, let us find out.

Before you dive into the fun, please note that swimwear or nylon material clothes are compulsory, and no footwear or bags are allowed inside the water park, so remember to travel light or get a locker for storage.

Top Water Parks In Nashik — Most Popular

Here’s a quick overview of the water parks covered in this article with some  basic information:

The wave pool and lazy riverKey HighlightGoogle Location LinksStarting PriceRating from Google
Shubham Water WorldHigh-speed water slidesHere₹600/person4.1 Stars
Shagun Water ParkWave pool and lazy riverHere₹550/person4.6 Stars
Blue LagoonKids Play AreaHere₹100 flat3.4 Stars
ShangrilaWater slides and adventure activitiesHere₹1000/person3.6 Stars
Wet N JoyWater slides and wave poolHere₹799/person4.3 Stars

These are the 3 water park options available in Nashik. I have given their descriptions in the order I like them and have also provided in-depth information about hidden fees, like locker charges and swimwear availability. 

1. Shubham Water World, Nashik

Operational Timings10 am to 5 pm
How to get here?Take a taxi or private Vehicle
Total Price for 1 ₹950
No. of Slides9-10
Phone Number099224 51830

Shubham Water World provides entry tickets, including and excluding meal plans. If you are under 4.6 feet tall, the ticket price with unlimited meals is 800, and without meals, 600.

Shubham Water World, Nashik
Source: Shubham Water Park via Google

If you are above 4.6 ft in height, you must pay ₹850 for tickets that include unlimited meals or ₹650 for tickets without meals. You will also be charged an additional fee for Lockers and rental swimwear ranging from ₹30 to 70.

2. Shagun Water Park, Nashik

Operational Timings11 am to 5 pm
How to get here?Take a taxi or private Vehicle
Total Price for 1₹550
No. of Slides5-7
Phone Number086694 13555

Shagun Water Park is cheaper than Shubham Water World, mostly because it is smaller and part of a resort in Igatpuri. The entry fees are ₹550 per person without meals and ₹950 per person with meals.

Shagun Water Park, Nashik
Source: Navnath Via Google

This place is affordable if you plan to visit with many children, as children under five have free entry. Entry fees are ₹350(without meal) and ₹600(with meal) for children between five and ten.

3. Blue Lagoon Water Park, Nashik

Operational Timings11 am to 5 pm
How to get here?Bus, Private car, Rickshaw
Total Price for 1₹100
No. of Slides3-4
Phone NumberNot Available

The Blue Lagoon Water Park, also known as Pandavleni Water Park, is the cheapest Water Park in Nashik, with an entry fee of just ₹100 for all visitors. 

Blue Lagoon Water Park, Nashik
Source: Adarsh Via Google

You will have to carry your swimwear, as no rental or new-buy options are available at this water park. Additionally, no meal service is available in the park, so do not forget to carry your snacks and water bottles.

Water Parks Outside Nashik

If you want to visit better water parks with more facilities and slides, I recommend you travel to these nearby Water Parks outside Nashik. These water parks are approximately an hour from Nashik.

1. Shangrila Resort & Waterpark, Bhiwandi

Operational Timings10 am to 6 pm
How to get here?Private Car or Taxi
Total Price for 1₹1,100
No. of Slides10-12
Phone Number095525 86967

Shangrila is a resort near Nashik offering a one-day picnic pass with meals. The entry fee for adults (above 4 ft in height) is ₹1100; for children (3ft—4ft), it is ₹1000.

Shangrila Resort & Waterpark, Bhiwandi
Source: Shangrila Resort and Water Park Via Google

Shangrila Water Park has a vast Cafeteria where you can enjoy steaming hot meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Shangrila, being a resort, also provides stay options starting ₹4000. Making it a popular hosting option for corporate events and outings. 

2. Wet N Joy, Shirdi

Operational Timings9 am to 6 pm
How to get here?Private Car, Taxi, or bus to Shirdi from Nashik
Total Price for 1₹930/ child
No. of Slides10-12
Phone Number095276 50000
Wet N Joy, Shirdi
Source: Ritesh Via Google

Wet N Joy entry will cost adults over 4 feet 6 inches ₹1,116 on weekdays and ₹1,402 on weekends and public holidays. You get the locker at ₹150 and swimwear ranging from ₹60 to ₹120.

The cost of the ticket for children is ₹930 on weekdays and ₹1,166 on holidays and weekends. College students who show valid IDs get a 20% discount. All the packages mentioned here include meals.

Note- Check discounts on Bookmyshow for Wet n Joy, Shirdi.

Conclusion- Multiple options of water parks fit for different budgets are available in Nashik!

Nashik offers a variety of water parks in and around the city that cater to different age groups and preferences.

If you want the best water park option in Nashik, go with Shubham Water World. If you do not wish to spend money, then Blue Lagoon is your best bet.

If you do not mind traveling to a destination close to Nashik, Shangrila is my favorite water Park near Nashik. It has a huge wave pool and more slide options. 

I want to remind you to carry all the abovementioned essentials in this article. Also, if you are a big group, ask for a group discount when paying for the entry.

With these tips and the information provided, you’re ready to dive into the fun. Make bookings for your water park adventure today.


Can I bring my food and drinks?

Most waterparks do not allow outside food and beverages. The fees at many of the above-mentioned water parks include buffet meals.

Are there any specific rules for visitors?

Swimwear or nylon clothes are compulsory, and no footwear or bags are allowed inside water. And most of the rides require you to meet height criteria to qualify for a ride.

What are some safety precautions to take while visiting a water park?

Always follow the park’s safety guidelines and instructions posted around the rides and pools, and make sure your children are always under your supervision. Lastly, stay hydrated throughout the day and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

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